Screen Sharing Features

Nearby casting

You can see other nuWire devices in the local network automatically and start sharing your screen by simply tapping on the target device.

Nearby Casting

Nearby casting

Accept screen recording in the first use.*
*Only in mobile phones

Casting Confirmation

Accept the screen sharing from target device. (Confirmation is asked only if the auto-accept option is not enabled on the target device. Please see the settings.)

Phones Screen On PC

That’s it! Now you can see your phone’s screen on your PC.

Multi Media Sharing

You can share your images and videos also in landscape mode.

Remote Casting

You can tap sign in from the side menu to reach the online remote devices, which are also signed in with your account. So you can share your screen even without being in the same network. Secure your network using EDR!

Remote Casting


Enables your other online devices to discover this device

Enables the PIN code. If you enable this option, other devices needs to enter the PIN code which is set on this device.

nuWire Device Settings

*Available only on desktop platforms

Enables other devices to discover your device in the local network

Allows other devices share their screen to your device without confirmation

Enables the auto-start with the operating system.*

Windows: Win 10 and Win 7
Mac: MAC OS X 11.13 High Sierra
Android: 5, 6, 7, 8
iOS: iOS 11, 12